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Raising The Bar

We love underwear. Love it. So much, in fact, that we wear it almost every day. We don’t know about you, but we don’t compromise on quality and comfort with the things we wear every day. A pair of jeans, maybe. But not undies. And a day decked out in a pair of MeUndies is a fine day indeed. Roomy or snug, cozy or lacy, plain or funky: They’re just cool, quality threads that feel good and look rad. From polkas to pinstripes to plaid and dozens of color options, you’ll be proud to show your skivvies when business time beckons.

And affordable, no less. Whether you’re into one-off purchases or our auto-pilot subscription option, you simply can’t find better-made underwear for the price. If we didn’t get ‘em for free, we’d buy ‘em. Lots of ‘em. Oh yeah, and shipping is free in the US and Canada, with flat-rate international shipping. Always.


These ain’t the drawers you’ve had in your drawer since middle school. Your mom had great taste and all, but go ahead and toss those holey rags. MeUndies undies, are made with the finest modal fabrics and flat-lock stitching known to Planet Earth, and the end product will make your nether regions fall into a comfortable slumber. Or jump with joy. That’s none of our business. But yeah, they’re very, very well made. We promise. And if you’re not impressed with your first pair, just let us know and we’ll refund you. No need to send them back.

So no more lurking around the depressing discount aisle. No more dresser space for that one reserve pair that you’ll only wear to the gym. For the truly lazy, our monthly auto-ship is a pretty sweet deal, complete with built-in price reductions and hassle-free delivery. No calls, no clicks and no more going commando just because you ran out of clean knickers.



We started MeUndies because we felt there ought to be an easier, less expensive way to get your essential basics. We’re glad you agree. And we’re proud to deliver that comfortable convenience right to your stoop.
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