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Comfort From the Outside In

Comfort is about more than what's touching your skin. It's about feeling comfortable in your skin.

The Magical Power of Softness

It's the feeling of wearing something so deliciously comfortable, you can't even think straight. It's invigorating and relaxing all at once. It's a magical explosion of softness that feels like a cloud giving you a straight-up bear hug.

We take extreme care in sourcing the softest, most comfortable fabrics imaginable. Because what you wear on the outside should have the ability to empower you from the inside. That's like, our whole thing.

Our Micromodal

The Softest Fabric in the World

Our natural, sustainable MicroModal feels like actual heaven on your skin. You'll just have to feel it to believe it.

undies growing on a tree
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Did you know our Undies actually grow on trees?

It's true. They start with beechwood, which is transformed into a pulp. The fibers are then extracted and spun into yarn. That means our MicroModal is not only super-soft, but breathable, static-resistant, and impossibly cozy.

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Super-fine fibers create super-softness, which continues to get miraculously softer with every wash.


All-natural fibers result in a biodegradable fabric that can fully revert back to nature.


Natural materials help to regulate your body temperature so you stay cool and comfy.


Our fabric is sourced through an environmentally-sound process that relies on renewable energy.

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