Fair Trade
We believe in fair working and living conditions for all.
For us, it’s more than business. It’s making sure all our workers get fair wages and quality working environments. We only partner with state-of-the-art factories who value improving their employees’ lives, protecting the environment, and making high-quality products.
Not only do we want our workers to get a fair wage, we want them to feel empowered.
Every factory we partner with offers their employees more than a paycheck. Many have free English classes, as well as programs focusing on women in business and personal finance. Some of our factories fundraise for local charities and give their employees free transportation and meals.
We frequently audit our partners so we can be sure they’re meeting the highest standards.
Before we select a factory, we audit them to make sure they’re right for us. But it’s not enough to check in once and call it a day. So we send folks from MeUndies HQ to our factories around the world several times a year. We build personal relationships with our vendors, which means more accountability and better communications.
Our Factories
Los Angeles
Lounge Wear and T-shirt production
Development, Cut, and Sew
Sri Lanka
Development, Cut, and Sew