Our Factories

It's more than business.

We partner only with factories that do exceptional work by treating their employees with exceptional respect.

Our Benchmarks

Employees first. Period.

We vet our factories based on three benchmarks—fair trade, empowerment, and transparency—to ensure they meet our highest standards for employee treatment, equality, and betterment.

Fair Trade

We seek factories who value their employees and the environment by issuing fair wages and quality working conditions.


We want employees to feel empowered, so we look for partners who offer free classes, programs, meals, and transportation.


We audit often and build personal relationships with every vendor to ensure accountability and honest communication.

We Go Global

There are no boundaries to great talent.

We source factories worldwide because we care deeply about two things: supporting a global workforce, and creating the best possible products. By removing limits, we’re able to hire top talent tailored to every need, which translates into impeccably-made products that we’re incredibly proud to stand by.

Together We Make

Our Partners Come From

Los Angeles

Loungewear & T-Shirt Production


Development, Cut & Sew

Sri Lanka

Development, Cut & Sew





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