No Show Sock 6-pack
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No Show Sock 6-Pack
Pack size: 6 Pack
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Product Information +

Supima Cotton No Show

You know that feeling when your low-rise sock suddenly goes rogue and slips and then your poor ankle is exposed to the harsh back of your shoe? Our No-Show Socks give you all the secret pleasure of not showing your socks, but they’re made with silicone gel grips that allow for no sagging or slipping. Hallelujah! Wear and wash as much as ya want and they’ll stay soft and pill-free thanks to our stretchy Supima cotton.

It's All in the Details

  • Made from long staple cotton
  • Hand-linked toe for a seamless feel
  • Thin elastic band prevents sagging
  • Silicone gel heel grip prevents slipping
  • For women and men
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Low Impact Dyes
  • Imported

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