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Men's Lounge Pant
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Men's Lounge Pant

Refine your lounging style in our stretchy, luxe pants—made from soft MicroModal and built for chilling.

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classic ($60)
  • No Classic colors available in this size.
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Everything you love about MeUndies now comes in pants form; an experience so soft, so comfortable, so luxurious, so melt-into-the-couch, you’ll find any excuse to throw them on.


  • 92% MicroModal® 8% elastane
  • Comfy, durable flatlock stitching
  • Dual Pockets
  • Tapered Leg
  • Drop Crotch
  • Faux Fly
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What Others Are Saying
Matt landry @2x 4cc01e281e601b188880d872838c925f3f97d7776c52754d63b4afd70478bfc1
These lounge pants are a gift from the undies gods @MeUndies.
Sfriedgirl@2x 84ac35f269320436f5b3a94c8956628936e8b457f978f7b7f8a22305ac5a2526
There is nothing better than sitting on the couch watching the Bachelor in my brand new @Meundies lounge pants. Literally nothing.
Julesthehuman@2x cd9119ff6d82d22e0189d7b15757ffd497c8ac2eeac075d2c4afd23730c59672
Literally the best thing to happen all day is coming home to my @MeUndies package with my new lounge pants!!!
Jenniemayfield @2x 5011c699e3dda682ab163255682d9600955f7fc8df58226a156ad10b850646d2
I just bought myself @MeUndies lounge pants and now I'm content to be a shut in just so I can wear them all day every day.
Quinn jupiter @2x 6d947098b76a15a65a9a7423d28f02aeff559164d19ec07832a57cf9e1ee8896
My @MeUndies lounge pants just got in, and oh my lanta, they're softer than angel wings.
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