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Your New Comfort Zone

MeUndies start at $16, with free shipping

The World's Most Comfortable Underwear

The Best Undies in the World

MeUndies start at $16, with free shipping

Natural fibers from beech wood to modal

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"I feel like I am wearing my favorite set of bed sheets all day."
– Robert H.
Austin, TX

Extracted from the sustainable beechwood forests of the Alps in Europe, this raw material is the defining detail of our softer than soft Modal fabric.

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The best basics.

Designed in the heart of Los Angeles, CA

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Matching Designs for Him & Her

MeUndies start at $16, with free shipping

Who's Talking About Us

"Holy cow! I just tried my first pair of your trunks on. I don't know how you did it, but this is the most amazing fabric I have every put against my skin!
Thank you!"

– Matt P.

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MeUndies start at $16, with free shipping

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Est. 2011

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