Wear It With Pride

We're celebrating Pride with a limited-edition design and partnership with the True Colors Fund.

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Meet Oscar

Designer of True Colors

We are committed to empowering individuals to own their True Colors, but we also know it’s not easy. 1 in 4 teens who come out are thrown out of their homes leading to 40% of all homeless youth being LGBTQ.

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Oscar Zaldaña sketching out the True Colors design Profile picture of Oscar Zaldaña
“When people put on True Colors, I want them to feel empowered for who they truly are and not to feel that they're blending in.” Oscar Zaldaña, Designer

LGBTQ youth are 120% more likely to experience homelessness

For each pair of True Colors purchased, we're donating to the True Colors Fund.

The True Colors Fund is an organization dedicated to ending homelessness among LGBTQ youth. At MeUndies, we believe that together we can make a difference in our communities.

Learn more about the True Colors Fund.

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