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On this International Women’s Day, we pledge to do our part to foster an environment where women will thrive. The genesis of this company was centered around creating comfort-- not just comfortable underwear but a sense of comfort in who you are and in celebrating your own individuality. Because when you feel good, anything is possible.

A group of women who work at MeUndies
Tori - Office Manager, Sheerin - Senior Graphic Designer, Ellen - Senior People Operations Manager, Christen - Textile Print Designer, Kristy - Staff Accountant

We are proud of the organization and culture we have created at MeUndies, and strive to continue embracing our diversity. Today, we are sharing our three point plan to empower the women of MeUndies and demonstrate how we are affecting change in our own little corner of the world.

This is an actionable plan with measurable, tangible results, and we will follow up in 6 months time to share our progress:

MeUndies 3-Point Empowerment Plan

Woman holding Leadership sign

Achieve gender diversity goals within the MeUndies leadership team and the Board of Directors by fostering an environment that attracts high caliber professional women to our organization. Success would mean an increase in the number of women holding leadership positions by the end of the fiscal year.

Woman holding Career Growth Sign

Create an environment that supports opportunities for women’s growth and professional development. This will include hosting activities such as women driven focus groups and community events at our office, sponsoring the women of MeUndies to attend leadership conferences and events, and supporting a women’s enrichment program with our manufacturer in Sri Lanka.

Woman holding Mentorship sign

Leverage the power of women by establishing a career mentorship program, designed for women by women. This will include matching female employees with female leaders at our company and tapping into the strong network of female leaders and business professionals in our backyard.

Our Founder, Jonathan Shokrian, is sharing his own pledge as an ally to women.

MeUndies founder Jonathan Shokrian
Pixelated Heart

“As the Founder of MeUndies, I pledge to collectively build a company where women not only feel respected and equal but are empowered to lead, grow, and soar. We will build the type of company that we are not just proud of, but one that will drive change. I promise to be an ally, supporter, and champion of women, and to lead by example. A world like this should be the norm.”

Jonathan Shokrian